Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rachel & Jon, and their beautiful girls

I've gotten to know Rachel over the last three years and she's a gem! You know those people who are really good at whatever they put their mind to, and you love them for it and want to cheer on their excellence (and even glean a little of their passion), because they have such a beautiful heart, and walk through life with true humility? Yep, that's Rachel! Beautiful inside and out, and her family is just the same.

I was really itching to photograph a family here at the farm this fall in October's dreaminess, and when Rachel emailed me inquiring about family photos I was so excited! What fun it was to get to capture this gorgeous bunch and their love for one another.


Hello friends! It's been a long time since I've shared any photos here. I took a full year off from my photography business and I can't believe how quickly that year flew by! It was really neat to take that time to step back, soak up undivided time with my family, and re-focus.
I referred away over forty sessions/weddings in 2016, which was really hard for me to do, because I just love all of my clients so much. I even cried after sending one potential bride an email saying I was taking the year off, because I knew I would've loved capturing her special day! But this slower pace of life with the stages my kids are in is exactly what our family needed. And Josh loves having a much more present wifey. ;)

What am I doing moving forward? Well, I'm going to keep this slower pace, but I recently photographed my friend Rachel's family, here at our farm, and loved it so much. I knew that I couldn't hang up my camera forever. So, ideally I'd love to photograph three or four families a year, here at the farm. This is such a sweet season of life and I'm loving these years with our family so much, and I get so much joy from capturing this treasured season of life for other families too. 

If you'd love to have your family photographed here at the farm in 2017 please let me know! I'd love to see you! :)
...and I could use the creative outlet. ;)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Chris & Megan's Brasada Ranch Wedding

Bend, Oregon is such a dreamy place. The light, the sunshine, the mountains, the foliage... I love it there! It was such a treat to get to photograph Chris & Megan's beautiful wedding at the Brasada Ranch Resort. The setting was exquisite, and it was a perfect fall day! The leaves were a beautiful yellow, and there was just a touch of crispness in the air. At times it was also incredibly windy. There were moments when I couldn't believe the wind... you might as well have stood Megan right in front of a leaf blower, on high, right after her hair was done. But you can hardly tell! She was so poised and manged it beautifully! And Chris was her shield. I think whatever life blows their way, these two will weather it perfectly.

It was such an honor to capture their wedding day! May you two be richly blessed in all you do!
{There are so many pictures that I love, it was incredibly difficult to choose what to post!}
My favorite...
Their ceremony was set up at this beautiful site. Due to the strong winds it needed to be moved inside, but the coordinator did such an excellent job that it felt like it was always supposed to be that way.
Venue: Brasada Ranch Resort
Event Coordinator: Kerry Bergler, Mint Event Coordination and Design
Photography: Bethany Fegles Photography, Second Shooter: Kelly Klos
Flowers: Mint Floral
Ceremony music: Dove String Quartet
Sound: Flip Flop Sound
Reception Photobooth: The Original Photobooth