Monday, May 25, 2009

Seven Years and No Itch ;)

What a fun trip down memory lane! :) Our wedding day was one of the MOST FUN days of my life! I loved having all of my best friends and family there celebrating with us! And Josh and I always comment on what a bad hair day it was for both of us when we look back at these photos! Hilarious things we remember.

Josh and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary this weekend and we had a great time. We started off our weekend with a dinner date, a little shopping, and gelato for dessert. I got coconut and M & M gelato and we sat in the sun and talked. I married my best friend and love each day with him. (Thanks Mom for the anniversary dinner gift!)

This weekend we also got to spend time with my dad and step mom and they helped us with some projects around the house. That was great! We've been doing some major decluttering and got rid of a lot of stuff! Yeah for a cleaner home! Here are some shots of Josh wrestling on the floor with the kids this weekend.

We also took the kids fishing for the first time this weekend in our little boat we call Carl. :) We caught a small trout. Jude assumed that we caught the trout by putting the net in the water, so he put the net in the water to try to pull out another fish and we almost lost our net. It was pretty funny. We explained that the pole and hook helped us get the fish in the net.

I'm truly blessed to be married to such an amazing man. He loves me so unconditionally and gives so much of himself for me and our family. He loves the Lord with all his heart and lives with true conviction. I look up to him and adore him like no other. And who knew we'd have such stinkin' cute kids?! ;)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Maria: Part 2

I love hs senior sessions. Just love them! It was great photographing Maria and spending a little time getting to know her and her sweet mom.
I chose mostly serious shots for this post, but I think the last shot in this series shows the hilarious side of her great personality too. :)

Maria, don't kill me for posting this one! :) I just think you're so cute!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Maria: Class of '09

Isn't Maria beautiful? I'll have more from her session to share soon. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jonas: 1 yr. shoot

Jonas melted my heart from day one. I remember the rainy evening a year ago when we got to visit him at the hospital. Oooo, he was the cutest little blond newborn! Craig and Mauria were all smiles and Rowen had become a big brother.

And now Jonas has begun to walk, he loves to climb and explore everything! He is Mr. Personality and about as sweet as they come. And he and Selah look pretty cute together with their one year-old toothy grins. :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A little this & that

I got to photograph my new little nephew, Orion, today! Ooo, he's kissable! I'll have his photos to share in a few days, since I'm still wrapping up editing on a couple other sessions.

Don't these desserts look so yummy? Or as Jude would say, "Delicious!" Last week I had the idea to get desserts and have a date night at home with Josh. It was really fun and super relaxing. After we kissed our sweet kids goodnight and turned the lights down low, we hung out on the couch with each other and a warm cup of tea. Josh says that these desserts totally represent the two of us. I love fruit, he loves chocolate. :) I think every night should be date night!

We ended up talking late into the night about life, our personalities, and God's goodness. I feel so blessed to be married to this great man. Ok, sorry, enough gushiness. :)

So, I always wonder if our living room would cause an interior decorator a heart attack. Can you tell I have commitment issues when it comes to color? If you were to paint my living room walls, what color would you choose? (This photo was taken at night, by the way. Oh, and I know so many of you are amazing at keeping your house beautifully clean, but if it makes some of you feel better my house is rarely this clean since having our precious little kids. Although, I learned the secret to a cleaner home last year - it's owning less stuff! And I feel like I'm continually working on getting rid of stuff.)

And lastly, I've always wanted a lilac bush, so I was so happy when our little bush produced it's first batch of flowers this year! Yay! I only had the heart to clip two large blooms, though. They smelled so wonderful. Also, I've had a couple people ask about the albums I buy that I just slip all my prints into. Here's a snap of them on my shelf.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Cory's Senior Shoot, Part II

I really like the mood of this first shot. It may be one of Cory's only serious shots. I just loved her warm, genuine smile all throughout her shoot. She was smiling even when we weren't taking pictures. Who doesn't enjoy being around a person like that? :) Go Cory!

This is one of my favorites...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cory: Class of '09

Cory is as cute inside as she is out. She was up for any of my ideas and was so easy to photograph. I'll share another round from her senior session soon! There are so many great ones! :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hope & Troy: Engagement Session, Part II

What a beautiful evening we had when we were shooting these photos. And Hope looked so beautiful in her red dress.
I've known Hope since grade school, we went to the same hs youth group, and we've even traveled parts of the world together... Hungary, Israel, Brazil ('97-'01). She's this sweet, soft spoken, adorable person. I just love her.
One of my all time favorite memories with Hope was when were were staying in these cute little cabin-type rooms, right on the Sea of Galilee in Israel with our church group. Hope was my roommate for the trip and was the best roommate. She brought foot soak for our feet after long days of exploring and she packed extra shorts and tank tops and let me borrow them when it was hotter outside than anticipated. ANYWAY, I digress. :) So this sweet memory was this evening that the moon was shining bright over the Sea of Galilee and it was this perfect temperature outside, and we could see boats out on the water and city lights on the hillside around the sea, all from the view of our room. It was gorgeous!
Hope also happened to be my assigned roommate (because our last names were alphabetically next to each other on all the rosters - it worked out perfectly) when we got stranded in Atlanta, GA on Sept 11th, on our way home from Brazil. Good times, Sister!
I haven't seen her in a long while, so this was my first time meeting Troy and I could tell right away that they just fit together. I'm so happy for them and looking forward to photographing their Big Day!