Monday, January 31, 2011

6 weeks old - Benjamin Gabriel

Our little man is 6 weeks old today. He's been having more awake times, is just beginning to plump up, and he's given me a few really sweet (awake) smiles in the last few days.

Benjamin is such a cuddler and loves nothing more than to be snuggled up in my arms. I love his cuddles.

My friend Mauria stopped by today with a gift for Benjamin and it was this adorable owl hat! I just love it! Because Benjamin is 6 weeks old it's harder to get curled up sleeping shots of him, so I worked quickly to just get a few pictures. At first he kept moving his head and the owl face would shift and not be centered, so I turned it around for the last few pictures and got a few more with the solid blue side. Thank you Mauria for the darling hat! You are so thoughtful.

We love you Benji-boo! Happy 6 weeks.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today was one of "those days". :) I got Jude to preschool late, Benjamin wet through a diaper and his clothes while out running errands, Selah dumped a bag of nuts on the kitchen floor, I stood out in the rain trying to get an attachment on my stroller to work and never could... and my house, let's just say has seen cleaner days. You've all had those days too... right?! :)

I'm not complaining, though. I've had sooo many moments lately where I just have to stop and say, "Wow. Thank you Lord. You are so good. We are so blessed." Life adjustment with three kids has been going better than I expected! I think I braced for the worst and instead it's been going realy well. Benjamin is a really easy baby and I just can't put him down. I love to snuggle him and hold him and kiss his big cheeks... he comes by those honestly. ;)

Jude and Selah have been playing well together and welcomed Benjamin into our family without hesitation. They are so loving toward him and interested. Josh has been an all-star husband helping to keep me sane by making dinner many nights, letting me nap when I can, and he took me on a date last week which was wonderful (thanks Mom for watching the kids)!

So yes, my life these days is a bit crazy, and I'm getting less sleep than usual, and I seem to always have someone 3 feet tall asking something of me. :) But I'm savoring this sweet season of life with this little princess, this silly boy, and this snuggly baby and wouldn't trade these days for anything!

(Grandma got the kids cameras for Christmas and we've been surprised at how quickly they've figured out how to use them!)

(There's nothing like those cute skinny newborn legs complete with wrinkles! Or baby's breath. Or that soft head of hair. Or those tiny finger nails... so in love!)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weddings 2011!

I'm already looking forward to this year's wedding season! I've begun booking weddings and I'm excited to get to know brides and grooms better this spring during engagement sessions. Fun times ahead! :)

If any of your friends or family recently got engaged or are planning a wedding for this summer, please pass my name along! I'd love the opportunity to meet them!

Here are just a few weddings from last summer...