Friday, July 25, 2014

Allie & Casey: Lake Oswego Foundry Wedding

It was such a joy to capture Allie & Casey's big day! They waited a long time to get engaged, and their wedding was much anticipated. They are such a dynamic couple, and so enjoyable to be around; it was special to get to be there celebrating with them as well as taking their photos.

Their venue was gorgeous and I loved every little detail that Allie & her mom Susan put into the day.

Allie & Casey's wedding party was a lot of fun (and fit! Post Beaver football players and Nike employees...) ;) What a great group! Everything felt very relaxed and easy going and everybody had a great time. Here's a sneak peek of their day, that turned out to be a LOT of photos, and oh my, there are a million more, but I had to stop somewhere! :)

Allie & Casey, I hope you are having a wonderful time roughing it on the beaches of Belize right now! xo
...and then a spider crawled across Casey's face... but he showed it who's boss.
...speaking of boss...
Jeff & Susan (Allie's parents) are two of our (Josh and my) favorite people in the world. They just ooze love and care for others and both of their beautiful daughters have inherited those traits. Jeff's speech had it all, bringing laughter, what he's well known for, and also heartfelt tears.