Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mandy's Photo Shoot

Here's a mini sneak peek of some of Mandy's senior pictures. She's so pretty! I had a really fun time photographing her, and her parents were GREAT company! Thanks for a fun evening guys!


Kent said...


I want to share a thought I had about your portraits. I began to wonder, "How is it that Bethany has only attractive clients and attractive friends." To be honest, I felt a bit inadequate when I saw post after post of such good looking folks. Then it occurred to me: your gift is being able to find the attractive aspects of each of your subjects and to not only capture them, but also frame them to set them off to best advantage. That is a wonderful gift!


mtdewchick said...

Hey Bethany,

Looks like you're keeping busy with those senior pictures!! They are looking great. We miss you guys & hope you're doing well! love yous.