Saturday, December 18, 2010

Beautiful Babes

I was so excited to snap some photos once I was off bed rest! What beautiful little subjects these three are! And dear to my heart, and my kid's hearts too, being close friends.

My friend Mauria and I had fun "singing & dancing" to get her kids, all under the age of 5, to look and smile at the camera. It was pretty hilarious. As soon as Everly would smile at us, the boys would look away, or as soon as the boys would look and smile Everly would give us a blank stare. Then the sun would come and go every 2 minutes. It was fast and furious, and I loved every second of it! :)

I love all of these sweet smiles. :)

Keep on the look out this next week... a newborn photo may pop up on my blog. No, I haven't had this baby boy yet, but soon! :)

I hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas season!

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