Friday, October 29, 2010


So... last weekend was eventful. Last Thursday night (a little over a week ago) I was having some intersting contractions and low back pain at just 29 weeks along. I tend to always have contractions when I'm pregnant, so I often just ignore them, but when things were getting a little intense by 2am I googled "pre-term labor" just to see if the internet confirmed what I was pretty positive at that point was going on! Sure enough, I perfectly fit the description and drove myself to the hospital to check in. Josh stayed here with our sleeping babies and I hoped I would get to the hospital and everything would stop and I'd be sent home. Unfortunately the opposite happened. Labor progressed positively and things started to get a little scary to me. I called Josh crying by 5am asking if he could have someone come to the house to watch the kids so that he could come join me at the hospital. And our parents were on the road in no time flat to take care of the kids, and my sweet friend Mauria showed up at my bedside until Josh could get there.

They put me on Magnesium Sulfate right away at the hospital (a drug I had to have when I went into pre-term labor with Jude and hated), and I stayed on it for 2 days as they gave me sterioids to help further develope baby's lungs in case he were to still come early. Unfortunately the next night, while still on Mag Sulf labor contractions started up again. I cried. :( I was so scared our little guy was going to end up coming early. I got a booster dose of Magnesium Sulfate. If you've never had the priveledge of experiencing the nasty stuff lets just say your teeth feel like they are on fire, your 55 degree hospital room is still too hot, and you aren't allowed to drink water even though your mouth is soooo dry you think you won't be able to swallow (you can have occasional ice chips, though). It does turn you into a limp noodle so that you won't have contractions, though... unfortunely it also relaxes your eye muscles so well that it's tricky to see.

By the next day everything had calmed down, thank you Lord, and Monday afternoon I got to go home on bed rest. My bed never felt so good! :) Since being home things have gone really well and contractions are occasional. We've been SO blessed by family and friend's help with kids, house work and cooking. It's been really fun to have those I love around so much to chat with. It's a little weird watching other people do what you normally do all day, but it makes me all the more grateful for the love of other's, shown through caring for us this way.

I do have to say too, that bed rest makes me kind of crazy. I tend to be such an active/busy person that it kills me to not be getting so many things done every day. My mental list of things I wanted to do in the month of November has been pitched. My weekly routines of grocery shopping and cooking, etc. aren't happening. I've hardly been on the computer this past week because it's kind of exhausting to use a laptop for very long when laying on your side. But bed rest this time around (I was on strict bed rest for 10 1/2 weeks when pregnant with Jude) has also been totally different with little kids. So far it has actually really been a blessing in disguise! There are no distractions or tasks that keep me from saying, "just a minute sweetheart" or "hang on" to my kids. Instead, I feel like there is soooo much eye contact going on with them and so much more communication happening and I just love it! I'm able to lay here and talk about things with them, and teach them new things as we color or read, etc. Selah frequently uses her little phrase, "Yeah Mama!" as she swipes her bangs from her face and looks at me with a smile. And Jude has been loving to tell me so many facts he knows, as well as joking with me. It's really turning into a sweet, taskless season of time that I'm so grateful for, even if it's all happening while laying on my side. :) I know I will look back on this with precious memories!

I pray our little man stays put until he's full term. I'm 31 weeks on Monday, which is great as far as his development is concerned, so I only have about 5 more weeks of bed rest.

Thank you all for your prayers, sweet emails, facebook comments and words of encouragement! You all are so kind and really lifted my spirit! Thank you! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thank you Jamie!!

I know, I haven't blogged forever! I can give an update on that later! :) But for now I'm so happy to get to share some maternity photos that my sweet and talented friend Jamie from Eugene, JAZ Photography, took of me.

Thank you so much for this priceless gift Jamie, capturing this precious season of life for me, Josh, Jude, Selah, & baby boy! You are amazing and made this whole experience SO much fun!!

So, when Jamie first offered to do maternity photos for me I was really excited! I don't think I've had professional photos done by another photographer since I got married 8 1/2 years ago. I couldn't get over how sweet and generous of an offer it was! As the date of our shoot got closer I began to get really nervous. I began having thoughts like, "How will I do on the OTHER side of the camera? What if I hate every one of my silly facial expressions or something? Or what if I look ridiculous trying to "act natural"? Well, I put those fears to the back of my mind as I was finishing up my shooting season before taking time off for "baby rest", and one evening Josh took a picture of me and Selah at the park. I was thinking I was looking all cute and pregnant that particular day and when I saw the photo of myself after we got home I gasped. I looked TIRED. Not like, "Oh, 8 hrs. will take care of that." More like, "a pregnant mom of two toddlers who works late into the wee hours every night" tired. :) So at that moment I decided I was going to email Kim King and ask her if she'd do my make up for my maternity shoot. I knew her through Facebook because she does professional make up for a ton of weddings and hs seniors, etc. She was awesome. So nice! She made me look like I'd gotten a good night's sleep so that I wouldn't have to fear the camera. :)

We did this photo shoot down in the Corvallis area at my mom's place. My mom has 17 acres of rural property and I thought it would make a really neat setting for natural maternity pics. Jamie took a few family photos of us first and then Josh, Jamie and I trecked around shooting pics until the sun went down. The three of us had a blast together and laughed practically the whole time. Jamie made us feel SO at ease and took all my worries away. I cannot say enough nice things about her! If you ever get the chance to meet her or hire her for photos, you will love just being around her. To view Jamie's blog and two posts of our shoot, click here.

Josh, Jude, Selah and I are SO excited to meet this little man come New Year's. His nursery is coming together and he is so very loved already!

Thank you again Jamie for blessing us with your talents. Hugs to you friend! :)