Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Madeline & Dan: Engagement

I loved meeting Madeline & Dan for coffee to talk about their wedding, back at Christmas time. I instantly liked them both. They were so sweet and friendly, it was easy to see the strong connection between the two of them. They fit so well with one another. I'm looking forward to photographing their wedding next month at the Lake Oswego Country Club!

Here are a bunch of my favorites... as you can see I had trouble narrowing it down! They are such a beautiful couple!
I love this image on the left! 
Madeline, you are gorgeous!


Madeline Oeth said...

Bethany, These are amazing pictures! I love them so, so, so much and I can't even pick which ones are my favorites! You are so talented - I cannot wait for you to photograph our wedding day! Thank you so much!!! -Madeline

Jessica Jordan said...

So pretty B! Love the setting.

Alva said...

This is cool!