Friday, June 20, 2014

Amber & Tony's Family

It felt so great to see Amber & Tony and their sweet kids again! I always love getting to photograph their beautiful family.

I kind of feel like I get to see them all of the time because one of my favorite Instagram feeds to follow is Amber's. :) She's so great at capturing daily creative shots of Jacoby, Antonia & Vivian!

Even though we didn't get the blue skies we had hoped for, to pair with this fun setting, we did get some beautiful diffused morning light! And Amber always does a great job of bringing great color in through their clothing! Here are a few of my favorites of their gorgeous family...
Amber thought to bring along each of their kids' favorite stuffed animal or "snuggly" item to have photos taken with them. I loved this idea, and even more getting to capture sincere moments of each kid with theirs.
Amber & Tony... your kids are so beautiful!
It was so fun for me to get to meet sweet Viv, who just turned one not too long ago! I love her personality and expressions! She is so darling and loves to go, go, go! Such a fun age!
I couldn't resist posting this cute face! :)
It was a treat to spend a little time with you guys!


Matthew said...

I love the shot under the 5. Bethany, great creativity under a tricky sky at a unique location. Lovely as always.

Jessica Jordan said...

That comment was from me, not Matt. Forgot I was on his side of the computer. :-) ~ Jessica

Amber said...

THANK YOU again Bethany! It is such a treat to get family portraits, the best kind of treat to me!! (Confession... I keep on going back to look at this blog post ;))