Monday, July 2, 2007

In a mood :)

On random days when I don't have a photo session booked, I'll get in such a creative mood and be dying to snap some pictures that I'll think, "hmmm, who isn't doing anything today and would volunteer for a spontaneous photo shoot?" Well, tonight was "one of those days".

I didn't have any subjects handy (no offense to my husband who was weeding the backyard, but he didn't look picture ready, & our sweet baby boy was sawing logs...), so I had to point the lens at myself, which is something I rarely find myself doing. In fact, I had to laugh at myself because I felt like I needed direction on how to pose from... well, myself! :) In the end, rather than posing I just talked to Josh while he was weeding and I snapped away and it worked. I definitely like this first shot better.

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