Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Music Man

If there's one thing Jude really takes note of, it's music. (No pun intended) :) It's pretty hopeless though, because I'm like a Broadway musical everywhere I go...
If I'm wheeling Jude around a store and he hears the overhead music he'll often start dancing in his seat, or "snapping" (his version is this cute little wrist movement). He loves to shake his music shakers and blow on his recorder at home and dance. And today he loved playing (or pounding) the piano at Gramma's. You know, boy style. :) I think it's so neat that at this very young age music gets in you and moves you.
P.s. That's Buddy Bear next to him on the piano stool. You may recognize him from my last entry. This photo below is of Jude having some fun while on our recent trip to Odell Lake.

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