Thursday, June 12, 2008


We had a much needed long weekend at the beach with family after my granddad's memorial service. It was therapeutic for me! My cousins even flew in from other states and I soaked up every minute I got with everybody. I wish we could be together more often!

Life has felt pretty nuts these days with some medical issues I'm dealing with, with things just being busy this time of year, and my business computer has been giving me problems again and I'm unable to view my calendar right now - serious problem! So forgive me if I'm slow communicating dates with some of you as I'm trying to get things updated onto an online calendar so I won't run into this again!!

If any of you ever want to rent a gorgeous house at the beach, check out my dad's website:
We had the most relaxing time at the Cornelius House!! It's so charming and peaceful. Thank you Dad & Janet!

These photos below: my brother and sister-in-law, goofy family photo, Aspen, my cousin Chelsi and her cute daughter Aspen, my brother Caleb, my cousin Demri, my family walking around town, Jude stopping to smell the flowers. :)


annie said...

My favorite is your grandma in the family photo! What a riot! :) That is great. Good to see you tonight! :)

Jane ::: Ethni Photography said...

Umm ok that house is awesome! I just checked it out on the website! If you need another getaway, I know of a great house to stay in Bend... just happens to have some cool people living in it with a pool across the street.... :)

ellen said...

Cute picture of my little friend Aspen!!

Matt & Gina said...

Aww B these are so great! As always of course! We're so lucky to have you and your photo expertise to document our family's memories. I just LOVE that pic of matt and I and the one of Caleb is so studly. We're looking forward to a relaxing anniversary weekend at Cornelius House.. media room here we come. haha. Love you all!

Chelsi & Eric said...

love the photos, bethany! it was a great weekend, wasn't it? by the way, we didn't fly in, we drove 30 hours + in one weekend, with a 3 month old! crazy, and poor little aspen's sleep schedule sure was off for a couple days, but it was so great to see you guys! by the way, how are you feeling?

Pete and Rosie said...

I have to concur with your grandma!