Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I love his name, don't you?! Wesley is one adorable one month old. I loved photographing him! He seemed so interested in the camera's click and was so content to just lie there and listen to it. What a sweetie! :)


berto xxx said...

such a nice blog.

berto xxx

Pete and Rosie said...

That's my youngest brother's name...I've always wondered why it's not more common.

Cute kid!

nick & koren said...

i'm a really good friend of erin's and love the pics you took of her wesley. when i came on your site i saw your last name and there was only one person i knew with that name and that he married someone named bethany. my husband, nick, and i went to multnomah with josh, i even had a few classes with him and nick and he were really good friends and in the same dorm section. how funny is that. ask him if he remembers nick faust. we live in vancouver now and i love your photography. do you have another website? my name's koren, we have two kids. your family is darling by the way. and what a great talent you have. :)