Friday, February 29, 2008

12 Days Old

Meet the very handsome, Mr. Houston. He's the new son of our friends Bryon and Lindsie, and he's the sweetest little guy. So content.

He really blew me away when I got to meet him the other day and photograph him in his home. He does not act like a newborn! Most newborns are asleep the whole time and curl up in little balls, but this guy was so alert! Eyes wide open, taking in the world. Granted, he was over nine pounds when he was born and nearly 23 inches long, but he actually had the strength to lift his head/upper body briefly as seen in photo #2 and he was moving his legs in a crawling position whenever he was on his tummy! Enjoy these photos of this sweet little guy.
p.s. His daddy is a bass player and liked the photo of Isaac in the guitar case (as seen in a past blog), so we staged a bass guitar setting for Houston, and I love the colors in it.

Arielle's Senior Photos

Here are a bunch of Arielle's senior photos, taken a week and a half ago along with Christine's, downtown. It was pretty funny how many times I'd begin to photograph Arielle and the wind would blow just then and her hair would look perfect! :) Doesn't she have a beautiful smile?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend Away

I had a rejuvenating weekend away! 120 ladies from our church went to the beach for a women's retreat and had a wonderful time. On top of the blessing of the whole retreat, it was really special to get to spend so much quality time with close friends. I've gotta say, it feels really nice to relax with friends and float around in a warm swimming pool when you're in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Booked Until Summer

Wow! My calendar filled up quickly. I've booked all available sessions between now and when our sweet baby girl arrives (end of April).
I've just opened up booking for August and September sessions, and I have one, maybe two spots open in July. Email me or call if you'd like to schedule a photo shoot. I'd love the opportunity to capture you! :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Personality Plus

On Monday I did two h.s. senior photo sessions at one time with Christine and Arielle and had a lot of fun. We went downtown and took advantage of all the great buildings and random backgrounds, and the free parking because of President's Day! :)
I spent Tuesday evening editing Christine's photos (Arielle's to come later this week) and had trouble narrowing down just a few to share, so here are a bunch I like. Christine has really beautiful, striking features, doesn't she?!

Monday, February 18, 2008

One month old already?!

Ah, I got to see the adorable Isaac again today! He came by to make his baby announcements with his mom. :) Only, he pretty much slept the whole time and left all the work up to us ladies.
He was looking so super cuddly-cute in this outfit that I couldn't resist snapping a couple shots of him curled up in Sheri's arms before they walked out the door.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

. a few babies on the way .

Today was a really special day. I had the privilege of throwing a baby shower for my dear friend Mauria and it was a lot of fun to hang out with so many sweet gals!
Mauria has many wonderful friends and it was a treat to get to laugh and "be girls" together and shower her with cute baby boy things. It was also special when we, as a group, got to vocalize what an exceptional woman and friend Mauria is to us. She is an encourager, a thoughtful and caring person, and a friend you can always call. She also has a memory of steel and a fantastic sense of humor! :) We've all been so blessed by her friendship!
This b/w photo is a pregnancy time line of those of us from the shower that are expecting! There were a lot of us! (Thanks for snapping this photo, Annie!)
This next photo is of Mauria (on right) with friend Erin. Aren't they just so beautiful? I thought they looked so radiant in this picture and had to share their "glow" with you. :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jude got a really cute Valentine from his good friend Ania yesterday. It said, (with stickers and red pen) "Dream guy. Be Mine. Sending you love and sweetness. Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Ania." And there was a little sucker inside.
When Jude opened it and saw her picture inside he smiled and said, "Ania!" And then he got extra excited when the sucker fell out. :)
He spent a good chunk of time last night making Valentine's for his friends too, and loved getting to fill their cards with stickers. My mom was up visiting and it was fun for us to get to do a craft with him. Hope you had a wonderful day with your Sweeties!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Walk in the Park

The cold+cough bug hit our house this week (and I'm seeing it's been the same for many of you! I'm so sorry. We can empathize with you.) It's been a rough few nights of bad sleep and days spent indoors around here.
This evening we all went to a nearby park to get some fresh air, which felt soooo nice, and Jude soaked up every minute of it! He ran and jumped (while saying "hot cocoa" - one of his favorite random things to say) and went down the slide and got to swing and even "climb" (pose) in a tree. :)
I hope your family is staying well!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful... Beautiful boy"

As promised, here are more shots of baby Isaac who is 2 weeks old now.
I had so, so much fun doing this newborn shoot in his home and getting to edit these!
Isaac's dad has a music room in their house and a lot of great guitars. So I was looking forward to photographing this little guy in one of his dad's guitar cases. We used a mini case that held Isaac's great grandpa's guitar. Also, the antique scale you'll see below is the vintage find that I was so excited to use and told you about in a past blog. :) The walls in Isaac's bedroom went great with the color of the scale. Oh, and the final photo (at the bottom of this post) is just for fun and I was originally going to delete it, but right after I took it Sheri and I were laughing and I said it was the kind of photo that needed a caption, so it snuck in. :)