Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beautiful Baby Adalyn

I had such a great time at this newborn session! Allie (my fantastic summer intern) & I drove over to Bryan & Laura's lovely Portland home and got to meet beautiful baby Adalyn. All 8+ lbs of her perfect 3 week early-ness. She did such a great job being the center of activity. At first she didn't want to fall asleep... what, you wouldn't fall asleep if we stripped you down and laid you in front of a big window? :) But Daddy gave her some cuddles and mama fed her and she was out.

I loved shooting in Bryan & Laura's home. It's gorgeous. And I loved getting to know them as we waited for Adalyn to fall into a deep sleep. What a precious family. Congrats you three! :)

Grandma made this special blanket for this special girl...

Laura, you look fantastic!


Anonymous said...

You all look gorgeous...Beautiful photography!
-April Richardson

blog da vicky said...

lovely ! :)

Bridget said...

Wow! Adalyn is beautiful and great photography. Congratulations and have fun with this amazing gift. Does this mean you won't be coming to the reunion on the Boulder?:o( The sooner Adalyn gets her first taste of the MT mtns the better and Delaney has been certified by the Y as a babysitter. Love to the three of you... Bridget and Delaney

Unknown said...

Lovely parents creating & bringing up a very happy, loved, content Adalyn! How precious are these moments & photographed too. She must be so much bigger now. Hope to hold her again soon. Happy times are wished @ Jenn's wedding.
Patricia Alston