Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sweet Camden - 1 yr old

I got to photograph Elissa's sweet family at George Roger's Park a couple weeks ago. Little Camden just stole my heart! She's one smart little cookie, loves to smile and play and she's also resilient! I think she could literally roll down a hill and she'd just pop right up on her two feet with a smile of determination on her face! I loved photographing her!

Monday, August 22, 2011

An Evening on Bald Hill...

(I'm really behind in my blogging, and have a lot of sessions to post, so if you're waiting to see pics from your session, they will be up soon!)

I was in Corvallis Saturday shooting a wedding and got to finish out my weekend down there photographing Janine's beautiful family on Bald Hill. I love Corvallis and loved growing up there, and I always love getting to shoot there.

I've known Janine since I was in Jr. High and we went to school together. She was a grade ahead of me, and like any younger student, you always look up to those in the grades ahead. :) In high school we ran on the same track team and basketball team.

These days I love to follow her blogs and see pics of her sweet family. Janine's an inspiring person with such a beautiful heart. She's a fantastic mom, wife, and athlete.

As I was walking the Bald Hill path with her, J.J. and their 3 handsome boys to shoot photos this evening she told me that J.J. proposed to her there on Bald Hill ten years ago! I loved that! Here are a bunch of my favorites. :)

Um... I think Simeon may be the cutest thing on earth! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today was a much needed day. This is the busiest time of the year for me with shooting and editing, and many late nights up in a row. I tend to just withdraw from a lot of my normal routines in order to power through this stretch. :) In order to recharge today, the kids and I headed out to Smith Berry Barn to pick some berries and see the animals. It felt great to soak up some sunshine and hear their sweet little voices deep within the berry vines, shouting things like, "I found one!" Then I'd say, "Good job!" And they'd say, "Thanks!" This little exchange happened more times than I could count. :) Yeah, we were a little past the raspberry season, but we found a full bucket full of raspberries. Then we strolled over to the blackberries and picked a bucket of those too, so we could make cobbler for tonight's dessert. It sounds funny saying we only picked a bucket, because if you know me, I have trouble keeping my berry picking to a minimum of 40 lbs. at a time... so I guess this just shows how nice and relaxing today was for me. :)

Then tonight, after Josh got home and we had dinner, we went for a family walk. Jude and Selah were already in their pj's when we went, and we left the blackberry cobbler on the counter to cool. The sun was going down on our walk which made for such beautiful light. Jude rode his bike while the rest of us walked. I love these kinds of evenings, when you feel grateful for so much. Contentment is a beautiful thing. I'm so blessed by my family. Lord, you've given me so much. Thank you.

Here are a few pics from our evening walk...

And here are some pics from our day in the berry fields...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sarah & Charlie: Zenith Vineyard Wedding

Sarah & Charlie's wedding on Saturday was amazing! The setting, their passion and joyfulness, their wonderful families and friends... here is just a sneak peek!

Their bridal party was so much fun!

I will share more photos from their wedding soon! Happy Monday! :)