Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On the way...

My beautiful, no gorgeous, friend Hayley, who I've known since I was an overly energetic, tap dancing, basketball playing 11 year old, will be having a baby girl in the upcoming weeks! I'm so excited for Hayley & Ivan's growing family and I can't wait to get to meet this precious girl! Their son Liam will love having a best friend in his little sister, and I know he'll be a great big brother!

Hayley looks amazing - what an easy subject to photograph, huh?! I love the feel of these photos.

Love you guys, and love your family.


Kim said...

What a lovely mother! I love how classy and fancy she dressed at a time when most women in her stage of pregnancy aren't feeling like getting out of jammies.

I love the lighting on your first picture. Do you get that look in camera or post processing or a combination of both?

Great work! Makes me homesick for Portland!

Amber said...

What a beautiful friend! She has great style. And you matched it well with the feel of the pictures. :)