Friday, March 8, 2013

Reeve - 6 months

Oh the 6 month age gets me every time! It's my favorite and never fails to give me baby fever! I can't get enough of those big eyes and chubby cheeks and sweet smiles! It's just the happiest, precious age.

My good friend Mauria came by last week for a chai and some hang out time and I snapped a few photos of her little handsome Reeve. He's just so adorable. My older kids were at school, so Benjamin was here to play with Reeve too, and he talked about "the baby" well after he had left. :)

Here are a bunch of sweet Reeve and that cute face of his...
I just love these chubby hands!

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Chelsi Ritter said...

what a cutie! can't wait for my baby boy to get here, and to get chubby!