Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Caleb & Jen: Engaged!

These two bring such a big smile to my face! Eeeek! This post is near & dear to my heart, because my younger brother Caleb, who is one incredible guy, will be marrying beautiful Jen, his best friend, next July! Our family could not be happier for them, and we are so blessed to be gaining a sister/aunt/daughter/friend into our family!

Jen has such a sweet spirit, a compassionate heart, is artistically talented, and is gifted at working with children. Caleb also has a sweet spirit, and a compassionate heart; he is musically talented, and gifted at working with computers. :) They are a great pair and I'm so happy that God has brought them together!

Caleb & Jen, we all can't wait to celebrate with you next summer! I love you both!


Demri Kuykendall said...

AH! So cute! I am so happy for Caleb and Jen!

Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

Such a good looking couple! I am so excited for them! I can't wait for an invite...:)

Matt + Gina said...

Love Love LOVE these!!!! And so excited for this wedding! Love you Jen & Caleb! <3

LJGinger said...

These photos are really nice...happy for the two of u! :)