Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Marisa!

I had a great time photographing the Colemans this fall. I adore them all.

We met at an apple orchard out in the country, off of Scholls Ferry. I love that area and always love the drive out there. Marisa couldn't have picked better colors for the setting!

In honor of Marisa's birthday today I posted lots of photos of her. :) I think as moms, especially in this life stage, it's easy for us to forget to get photos with our children individually, and sometimes simply just of ourselves. I love that she thought to ask for individual photos with Sydney, Elijah, & Nathaniel! She's inspired me to do the same. Give her some love and leave her a Happy Birthday comment!
I feel like this photo (below) on the right sums up the Colemans in one shot. It's my favorite! :)
I couldn't help myself and I had to post this one too... I love these ages!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Caleb & Jen: Engaged!

These two bring such a big smile to my face! Eeeek! This post is near & dear to my heart, because my younger brother Caleb, who is one incredible guy, will be marrying beautiful Jen, his best friend, next July! Our family could not be happier for them, and we are so blessed to be gaining a sister/aunt/daughter/friend into our family!

Jen has such a sweet spirit, a compassionate heart, is artistically talented, and is gifted at working with children. Caleb also has a sweet spirit, and a compassionate heart; he is musically talented, and gifted at working with computers. :) They are a great pair and I'm so happy that God has brought them together!

Caleb & Jen, we all can't wait to celebrate with you next summer! I love you both!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Zachary & Bethany: Engaged!

I had such a fun time with Bethany & Zachary at their engagement session. What solid, quality, beautiful people inside-and-out! I'm so excited for their wedding day next summer! I loved meeting with them for coffee and hearing about their engagement story! It involved a helicopter and an airplane ride, Ladies! The other great thing that came up over our coffee date was this little spot Bethany loved that she thought might be neat for engagement pics. As she described it my eyes lit up! It was a long time favorite spot of mine too.

The weather was pretty unpredictable that day! The sky would go from bright, blue and beautiful, to solid rain clouds every 30 minutes, and I wasn't sure we'd even be able to shoot, but thankfully the rain stopped once we started shooting! Bethany's maid of honor, Val, came along and was a huge help! Thank you Val!

I love the very obvious love these two have for one another. It comes through over and over in the way they look, really look, at each other. Congratulations Bethany & Zachary! I'm so excited for your day!

We ran around downtown a little too.
There was a moment when the wind came whipping down the street where we were shooting and Bethany's reaction was the best! I love her personality!
And look at Zachary... such a rock.