Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Morning Dew and Sweet Kisses

Josh has been doing a lot of work around the yard this weekend and the place is shaping up nicely! He is discovering his green thumb and has developed a new excitement for landscaping. Today he put a couple new plants outside my kitchen window for me to look at and placed two large rocks nearby that bring it all together. Thanks baby!

He was weeding the backyard this morning and so I joined him back there and photographed the colorful tulips coming up. They've just begun to show their colors, but haven't opened up yet.

I think flowers are so beautiful with a little bit of morning dew and Oregon rain sprinkles on their pedals. These ones stood out to me.

I also had to throw in two more pictures from my time with Dustin and Sheri downtown the other day.
A couple of Kissy photos! :)