Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Girl Next Door

Yesterday Jude and I took a walk with our neighbor's Rosie and Daphne. We had a wonderful time talking and enjoying the sunshine.
Spring has arrived and it is beautiful around our neighborhood! Well, everywhere really. And I can't go anywhere without my camera these days, nor should I! Imagine all I could miss! :)
Here are some photos I snapped of Daphne. She is 15 months old, knows about 30 signs (sign language), likes cheese, is a sweetheart, and is very independent. She's "the girl next door" and a doll she is!
(Click on any of these to see them larger)

God's creation amazes me! This little flower (below) was just one of thousands of little blooms on a single tree! So much detail and beauty in this tiny perfect flower. What thought and creativity in one little bloom.

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RLT said...

Thanks for these special pictures.