Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of you amazing men out there who give so much to your families!

I'm so thankful for my dad, who set the standard so high, that I was able to spot the treasure of a man Josh was when I met him. Thank you Dad, for always being an example of a godly man to me, who is giving and gracious, patient, full of wisdom, who prays for me daily and always reminds me and reassures me of the worth God put in me. I love you Dad!

And to my beloved Joshua! You have blown me away with the father you are! So attentive and loving to our children, always caring for the heart of them, and teaching them with a patience and kindness that makes me love you more. Thank you for serving your family tirelessly and for getting up before all of us each day to go to work, only to come home ready to play with the kids and help with the house. You give so much of yourself for us; we are truly blessed! We couldn't love you more! xo
(This little camera phone snap shot captures the dad Josh is so well!) :)

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Matt + Gina said...

I love both those men so dearly. We truly are blessed by them!