Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Something NEW for Photographers!

I'm so excited to announce this!

I have been receiving so many sweet emails from photographers just starting out, people looking to get into the photography business, or people just desiring to get better at taking photos, who have asked me if we can get together, shadow me on a shoot, and talk about editing and business. I always have these great aspirations to plan a shooting day for a group of photographers and we can all meet up at a coffee shop and just talk for hours until we lose our voices and then go shoot pictures together. :) But I can't ever seem to squeeze in one more day away. So I've come up with something new for Bethany F Photography!
I'm calling it Shoot. Shadow. Share.
I've just added a tab to my main website with all the info. Go to and click on "Shoot. Shadow. Share" in the bottom right hand corner. Or you can click HERE to get to the website too.

What is it?
It's one-on-one time where you can ask me anything you want about photography, shooting, editing, business, etc. plus shadow me on a photo shoot, and watch me edit those photos. During the 6 hour Shoot. Shadow. Share. time we can talk in length about anything you wish, such as...
  • how do I choose locations and specific settings for shooting
  • how do I pose clients
  • how do I choose lighting and times of day to shoot
  • how do I use my camera
  • how do I get sharp eyes on my subjects
  • how do I interact with clients
  • how do I edit my images
  • how do I run my business, etc!
You'll also shadow me on a 1 hour photo shoot (with clients who have given the ok ahead of time), and we'll download and edit the photos together from that shoot (your images and mine) and talk through the editing process. We'll also grab a meal together, and we can talk straight through that meal to fully use that time. It's very laid back, which is my style. The cost is $1,500.

There's also a MINI Shoot. Shadow. Share. that is called "The Tag Along". It's getting together 30 minutes before a photo shoot to meet up at a coffee shop and I'll buy us coffees to go. We'll then ride together and talk on the way to a photo shoot. Then you'll shadow me on a 1 hour photo shoot. We'll talk as we ride back for 30 minutes. It's 2 hours total, and you can feel free to ask me as much as you can in that time! I'm an open book!
Cost: $500

Visit my website for more info or shoot me an email! I'm already looking forward to hanging out!
:) Bethany


Cornelius Photoworks said...

SUCH a wonderful new program B! You are amazing!

Chris Fegles said...

I'm so very, very proud of you in soooooo many ways, but your giving spirit is at the top of the list! Too many people in this world are worried about protecting their "secrets". I believe we get what we give (even more abundantly) and you'll be surprised at what is given back to you in return. You are so gifted. Love you, chrismom

Kelly T said...

I hope I can do this program! I think will book tons sessions and save, save, save!! And then let my husband in, so maybe when I get close he will treat me to the rest:) I am a complete novis, but have friends wanting/willing to let me practice on them. I wanted to book you a couple years ago for family portraits, but it just didn't work out. I am an avid follower! AND...WELCOME TO THE 30 CLUB!