Monday, February 28, 2011

Snap Shots & Scheduling...

Hi Friends!

So, as many of you know I'm booking less sessions this year because I have a newborn and I want to really soak up this time with my kids. I've gotten a lot of emails this month for booking sessions and I'm currently booked through the end of October already! I'm still open to booking 1 or 2 more weddings, so if you know of anyone looking for a wedding photographer, please feel free to pass my name along.

If I have any cancellations for photo sessions throughout the year I'll immediately post that open spot on my blog so that anyone interested can email me.

I feel just awful having to turn anyone away, and as my sweet husband knows I agonize over telling a past client, that I'd just LOVE to get to see again, that I'm already booked. :( It's the worst! So, I will definitely miss those of you I might not get to see again this year, but please do email me for next year!

And because I love my kids so much...
Here's a snap shot of our little Benjamin Gabriel at 2 months old (time is flying!)

And one of him with sister Selah... although not quite in the mood for a photo. But Selah was soaking up her moment with him.

And a picture of Jude from recently... he hasn't been too interested in having his picture taken lately, so I take anything I can get with him!

This is a crazy story, but Benjamin actually spit up (monsoon spit up) on my laptop last night, and it actually ruined my keyboard!! I cleaned it up right away, and even used compressed air, blow dryer, etc. and my keyboard is just toast. :( Anyone out there have any other tricks? Sadly, my laptop is only a couple months old. I guess I'll be investing in another new one or finding someone to fix it asap, since I'm using my desktop in the meantime. Note to self: don't hold baby while checking email. :)


blog da vicky said...

Oh, so cute
great shot

Leticia said...

Your kids are ADORABLE, Bethany! Benjamin sure looks like his siblings. So cute!

Chelsi Ritter said...

i totally hear you on simplifying to spend more time with your kids. i've recently done the same thing; i don't want any regrets when they're all grown up, and i just can't get over how fast they're growing. anyway your little ones are just beautiful!