Monday, October 15, 2012

Booking for 2013

My calendar is officially all booked up for 2012, but I'm booking into 2013 now. It's been a great year, and I still have half a dozen portrait sessions and a wedding I get to shoot before 2012 is over. If you know anyone getting engaged this fall or winter, please pass my name along to them! I'd love to meet them for coffee and chat about wedding photography!

I'm already looking forward to the coming holidays with family! Are you? Canasta card games, great food, sitting around talking and making each other laugh... it's always fun! And I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I've been listening to Christmas music almost daily since the beginning of September, but I just love it! :) I took a week off and then turned it back on again. "Holiday Instrumental" is what my Pandora station is always playing.

Ever since starting our little family blog, I feel like I never post anything personal on here anymore! So tonight I thought I'd share this sweet shot I took of Benjamin over the weekend. Our little baby is going to be TWO in December! Does that even seem possible?! It has gone SO fast and I've actually had a handful of moments lately when I've been a little sad about the baby years in our family being over already. I love snuggling and kissing on our little guy! He's such a constant JOY and we're insanely blessed to have him in our lives! Here's our "Benji-boo".  ;)

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