Monday, December 31, 2012

Benjamin Gabriel is Two

I wanted to be sure to take some two year old photos of Benjamin before the year was over, but between holiday and vacation events I didn't get around to it until right before his nap today, oops, so I snapped some casual photos of him around the house, which was fun!

Facts about our sweet two year old: Benjamin loves books, people, being the comedian in our family, and laughing. He loves goat yogurt, goat cheese, frozen watermelon, and pb&j sandwiches. He can say 4 or 5 word sentences and it's so cute to hear him try to sound out really big words. He dances on his tip toes, wants to do everything himself (just like a big kid), likes to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and still loves to be cuddled.

We are soooooo in love with this boy, and I couldn't be more grateful for him in my life. He's a bundle of joy and his smile just melts my heart! Happy 2nd Birthday Benjamin! (or Ben-jammin', Benji-man, Benito Burrito, Benji-boo, or Benj). ;) We love you!!! xoxo
A favorite book of Benjamin's is called Baby Colors, and here he's laughing because Josh was playing a game with him that he loves to play: it's where you act like something Benjamin loves is yours, and he says back, "no, it's mine!" Right up a two-year-old's alley. ;)

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