Thursday, February 7, 2013

Booking for this summer!

Hey friends and families that I love and adore! :) I have two families who have emailed me interested in photo shoots at Cannon Beach & Timberline Lodge this August. Are there any other families who would like to book a shoot there at the same time? If so, email me and I'll give you the dates we're looking at! I'd love to photograph a few families at each location. And Cannon Beach in August is always so amazing!! (I'm sure Timberline is too, I just haven't had the pleasure of shooting there yet!)

If you forget what Cannon Beach looks like in the summer time, here's a shoot I did out there last summer: CLICK HERE

Speaking of the beach, here are a few photos of our recent time out there as we celebrated our annual Christmas in January with my Dad's side of the family. :) I always love the slow pace and soaking up family time as we all escape to the beach together!
My brother Matt... he makes great videos and works in that field. 
He and my darling sister-in-law, Gina...
My sweet Dad and Janet (I greatly dislike the term "step mom" so I've adopted "bonus mom".) :) Aren't they cute?
My younger brother Caleb and his cute girlfriend, Jen... this photo is smaller because it's from my Instagram. By the way, if you ever want to follow me on there, click HERE TO MY PAGE.
Janet and her sons, (my bonus brothers) :) Eric & Craig. Love these guys!!
At one point when we were out on the beach I said to Selah, "Twirl!" because she was in a cute little skirt and all of the sudden she made this funny face and put her hands up by her cheeks and acted like she was eating. It was hilarious! And I looked at her sooooo confused and said again, "Twirl!" and she said, "Oh! I thought you said Squirrel!" :) I wish now that I had taken a picture of her being a squirrel because it was SO funny!
We all stayed at my dad and Janet's lovely Beach Vacation Rentals. We played games, did puzzles, opened presents, laid around and did nothing, played a game of canasta and had a great time! Thank you Dad and Janet for everything!!

Speaking of canasta, it's always been a big part of my family history. My great grandma was said to be the best! I learned to play when I was 7, during a family vacation that my great grandma was on, and have loved the game since. We always play on Thanksgiving and often Christmas too. My Grandma Gayle was great at it, my Dad and brothers are great at it, and it was extra fun having my Aunt Bonnie along this trip (My Grandma Gayle's sister) to play with! She and Josh beat me and Craig. I don't like to lose, but I'll lose to her, because she's a sharp one! (Just like her sisters and mom!) 

One other fun little canasta tid-bit. Josh and I use to play canasta a lot while we dated, and he never won, for years people he never beat me. Then one day, it happened. I lost to him. And I didn't think it was fun to play any more. Haha!! Stinker huh?! I told you, I don't like to lose. ;) Well, on our 10 year wedding anniversary we whipped out the canasta cards and played game after game and had a blast! And I may have won one more game than Josh, but he definitely can hold his own!

Here's Aunt Bonnie in the front of our group snap shot as it began to rain on us.
Janet is so kind to cook for us all, and each of my kids have often stood in this spot by her as helper.
If you made it this far in my post, you're amazing! Ok, email me about an August Cannon Beach photo session if interested! Or one at Timberline Lodge.

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Chelsi Ritter said...

alright i don't know how she does it, but bonnie doesn't look a day older than when i saw her last! loved this post and all the beautiful pictures. i can't wait to make it out to the oregon coast again; i'm dying! i loved your canasta story; eric was making fun of me last night saying that i like games old women play (i had mentioned to him i wanted to learn how to play bridge). but the truth is he hoards the cards when we play and always wins now so i won't play with him anymore :)