Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Garratt!

I love seeing Brian, Karen & Garratt each August, right around Garratt's birthday! It's fun watching him grow and change. He seemed so much more mature to me this year that I over-guessed his new age by a couple of years! :)
Isn't he such a handsome kid?

...with the sweetest parents. Beautiful family!

Monday, August 27, 2012


I'm excited to show more of these wedding photos in the coming weeks! Such beautiful wedding days and gorgeous couples!!

I have more family sessions to blog this week, slideshows to upload, and sessions to mail out... this has been a super busy August! But I'm so blessed to photograph so many wonderful people! You're all the best!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It all works out in the end! :)

Jessica and Matt, and their handsome boys are always fun to photograph! They are a playful family, and always up for anything.

This year was pretty funny, in that when we met for their shoot, everything was working against us! Jessica had pre-scouted out a fun location for their session and we put it on the calendar and we were all excited for the day of their shoot. It happened to be crazy hot that day. So hot that I wore shorts to the shoot {I hadn't wore shorts in over 6 years. Yes, you read that right. :) These white legs were happy to be out!}. So, not only was it hot, but it turned out that there was a concert at the park we had planned to shot at, and it looked like there were close to a thousand people there, and NO parking. So I met Matt at another location and he shuttled me down, then he went back to park and had to run down in the heat to meet up with us. All the while, Jessica and her boys are waiting for us in the heat. We start shooting, and always chipper Gavin just didn't want to have his picture taken! It was not like him, but he seriously just wasn't in the mood for pictures. We were jumping and shouting at Gavin to look and smile, and everyone was just getting hotter, and hotter. And all of the cute settings that Jessica had been excited to use were covered with people, so they were pretty much unavailable. Needless to say, I finally called it. It was as if everything was working against us, so we did something extremely unusual, and we rescheduled the shoot for two nights later.

And what do you know, two nights later the weather was much better, the crowds were gone, and the beautiful park was all ours! :) And her boys did great! {And maybe there was a little candy bribery involved somewhere. ;) }

Here are some favorites...

A Baby on the Way!

I got to photograph Jennifer & Elliott's sweet family a couple years ago, when Maddi was just a little thing! She's grown so much and I just love her spunky, fun, girly personality! And she's the best big sister to beautiful little Lizzie! And months from now these sisters will become big sisters to a baby brother! These siblings will have so much fun running around together, being tight friends!

And this was SO funny! Maddi has this darling purse, and she pulled out her imaginary cell phone and had the cutest conversation with her "boyfriend" on it. She had me cracking up!

It was wonderful to see you all, and I had such a great time photographing your beautiful family. What a lovely summer evening! Congrats on your precious baby boy on the way!


One of my favorite families booked their shoot this year with each of their side of the family. It was a big group of wonderful people! They were so great and braved the crazy heat we had that day! And the kids did so well, to be past dinner time in the crazy heat, and still they were smiling!

Cousins... good buddies!