Monday, December 31, 2012

Benjamin Gabriel is Two

I wanted to be sure to take some two year old photos of Benjamin before the year was over, but between holiday and vacation events I didn't get around to it until right before his nap today, oops, so I snapped some casual photos of him around the house, which was fun!

Facts about our sweet two year old: Benjamin loves books, people, being the comedian in our family, and laughing. He loves goat yogurt, goat cheese, frozen watermelon, and pb&j sandwiches. He can say 4 or 5 word sentences and it's so cute to hear him try to sound out really big words. He dances on his tip toes, wants to do everything himself (just like a big kid), likes to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and still loves to be cuddled.

We are soooooo in love with this boy, and I couldn't be more grateful for him in my life. He's a bundle of joy and his smile just melts my heart! Happy 2nd Birthday Benjamin! (or Ben-jammin', Benji-man, Benito Burrito, Benji-boo, or Benj). ;) We love you!!! xoxo
A favorite book of Benjamin's is called Baby Colors, and here he's laughing because Josh was playing a game with him that he loves to play: it's where you act like something Benjamin loves is yours, and he says back, "no, it's mine!" Right up a two-year-old's alley. ;)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

(Thank you Jamie for taking this photo of our kiddos during your School House Sessions!)

We had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you and your family did too!

This Christmas season has been so special, I felt like I couldn't help but soak it up more than ever before. In the last few days we celebrated Benjamin's 2nd birthday, attended Jude & Selah's Christmas program, I got to volunteer in their classroom on their last day of school before break, I photographed a sweet wedding, we celebrated Christmas here at home (man, we love our kids' ages!), then out of town with Josh's family and with my family, we visited some good friends, and now we are back home! It was such a fun time, and we are so, so blessed by our amazing family and friends! Oh, and can I just say we LOVED everyone's Christmas cards this year! Wow, so many spectacular ones! Thank you for thinking of us!
I hope you had the best Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year too!! xo
Happy 2nd Birthday Benjamin! And Happy Birthday to Jesus too! :) Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rachael & Kyle's Winter Wedding

Today was a beautiful day for a wedding, and Rachael and Kyle glowed with joy! I had the best time capturing their celebratory day, soaking up the Christmas ambiance, and watching them ride off, snuggled in a horse drawn carriage to their reception. 

Congratulations Kyle & Rachael! May you be blessed in all of your adventures ahead!

Thank you to my friend Jamie for shooting this fun day alongside me!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


In October Josh and I went to CA for a weekend to visit our best buddies, Kim & Kenny Stone! We had the best time and just love those two to pieces! Our weekend was filled with laughter, long talks, chai teas, bike riding, shopping, eating out, farmer's market, cozy bowls of fall oatmeal, turkey sandwiches, rocking out to Allen Stone & enjoying dinner with him, talking business, talking life & faith, meeting some of their fantastic friends at their church, and lots of encouragement. Our friendship tanks were filled and I'm already looking forward to the next time we can all hang out again! xo  {Thank you Kim for these photos!}