Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend Pics

What a weekend it's been! Josh and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary this weekend! We had such a fun time getting away and relaxing. We stayed at a nice hotel, went out to a nice dinner and got massages! :)

It was so great to relax because I had shot a wedding on Friday with my friend Missy (which was great fun), but by the time I got home and crawled into bed my feet were pretty sore and my back felt like I'd carried a camera around all day. :) (btw, I should have some photos to post from the wedding one day soon - I'm swimming in pictures at the moment!!! It was a beautiful wedding and so much fun to photograph! I'm in the process of editing down 1,200 pictures!!)

I did attach a photo (at the bottom) that Missy took of me during the wedding day shoot, sharing a little moment with a camera lens. :) Also, here are some of my peonies that I clipped for the house. They are in full bloom in my front yard and smell sooooo wonderful! I LOVE peonies - they are my favorite flower! I also put in some pics of my sweet little boy looking extra cute this past week. Jude has been watching me water the herbs and he likes to demonstrate his watering skills too. I think he saw his neighbor friend, Daphne, doing this also, and he wants to be cool like her too. :)

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Kent said...

Wow, the five year anniversary thing really blew my mind. Time is moving so fast. I have to remind myself that heaven is closer each day, because life on this earth seems pretty rushed and full of struggle. Of course it is also full of beauty and love and you do a great job capturing that in your photos.