Sunday, June 3, 2007

Having a little fun...

I'm one of those photographers who can't wait to get to work on the pictures right after a photo shoot. It's great fun for me to download and see what I captured, and then get to enhance my pictures to make them even more beautiful.

Most photo shoots take a day to edit, maybe two if I got a little snap-happy during a great session (when I say day I mean the time in my day during Jude's nap times and after he goes to bed) :). But a wedding is like a regular photo shoot times 4 (picture quantity wise). So, I had to have a little fun today messing around with pictures, now that I'm completely finished editing Hollie & Tommy's wedding photos. Phew! Here are a few photo tweaks, some more subtle than others.

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Carrie said...

You are so amazingly gifted! I can't wait until we get the pictures for our wedding! Not only that, but you have the cutest little family ever!