Monday, August 11, 2008


Tonight when I got home from doing a senior shoot our good friend & neighbor, Linda, had stopped by for a visit with her granddaughter, Ania, to see us and check up on Jude. We LOVE their company! We hung out visiting, enjoying the warm summer evening weather. At one point I caught Ania and Jude sitting on the doorstep reading the letters in the "welcome" mat. It was so cute (pictured below). They were pointing to the letters they were saying out loud. The other shot is of the two of them playing peek-a-boo in my blue patio chair. Isn't Ania a beautiful girl?!


jessicalanejordan said...

Those are all so cute! Glad Jude is back to being healthy.

Matt & Gina said...

Aww, those 2 are sooo cute together. Cute pics! Love and miss you guys!