Friday, August 15, 2008

My Kiddos! ... and a lot of text. :)

I am soaking up every moment with my sweet kids these days! I just love this stage of life and how much fun we're having together. I love that Jude talks about everything and is communicating so well, and Selah just loves to be a part of everything that's going on. She has such a great little personality too!
I noticed a couple weeks ago that I hadn't been "documenting" our life much since Selah was born. I use to take pictures of everything. And I bought these leather albums I love, six at a time. Because I'd print my photos (in quantities of like 50 or 100!), bring them home and load them right into my albums... and they'd fill up quickly. Well, things have been a bit crazy & busy and for whatever reason I just haven't been snapping a lot of pics of our life. So, it's been really fun because this past week I've tried to be quick to grab my camera (or even our old point and shoot) and capture a moment I love, regardless of my silly photographer-brain that worries about "less than perfect photo outcome"... and I'm loving getting them printed again. There's something so great about holding your pictures in your hands or pulling a nice album off the shelf and flipping through the pages, going, "Oh, remember that! We were so skinny then!" :) ha!
My good friend and neighbor, Rosie, had the idea of making photo books for her kids each year and I love that idea and would like to start doing that. It would make a special annual Christmas or birthday gift for our children as they grow up.
So... even though the lighting isn't perfect in these and they're just quick snapshots, I thought I'd share Selah half way through getting dressed, and Jude doing a little reading before going to bed. :) Because I love remembering little every day moments. I'm so thankful for my children and my heart just beams joyful gratitude for the gift they are in my and Josh's life! ...Now if only we could get Jude to give up that bedtime binky... :)


Matt & Gina said...

:) Great to see that you're taking a little "you" time for pictures! I think they still look great, even though you say they aren't perfect! I LOVE that one of Jude reading the book. And Selah is looking more cute with each day! We miss you guys...hang out time needs to happen soon! We missed you guys being there when Heather, Joel, & the girls hung out. <3 It'll happen soon! Loves!

christinaandbrian said...

i too have been getting all my pics printed and putting them in an album. i am so worried i will loose them digitally. and i agree there is something about pulling out the album and looking through. you have great lookin' kiddos!!

Janine the Bean said...

I agree. I have been getting mine printed but am WAY behind in putting them IN the books. I would love t o find some nice albums , but for now my cheap ones will have to do. ;) Your kids are so sweet and I hope to meet them some day soon.

BruceandBarbara said...

Don't worry about the binky. My boys used them (Mark used two at a time!) and look at how awesome and brilliant and handsome they are!! I'm not too proud am I? Mom's love their kids even when they are 30 and 28!!