Sunday, October 19, 2008

6 Months Fly By!

Sweet Selah is six months old tomorrow and I can hardly believe how quickly the past 6 months went. I know that's a common quote from mothers, but really!
Selah started sitting up on her own last week which is really cute to see. She has busy hands, always grabbing for something. She loves, loves, loves to talk and be talked to (as seen in this 2nd shot of her talking to me). And when she's tired she blows bubbles. Loud, vocal bubbles. :)
She gets the most comments on her bright, shiny eyes and big cheeks (those aren't her only big cheeks, but that's just between you and me, Internet).
I love this little girl more than I could've imagined. She has a sweet, sweet spirit, just like her big brother. She's captivated our hearts and we're so thankful for the gift she is to our family!


laura said...

Wow, 6 months already?! It sure does fly! She is such a beautiful little girl, and what great photos! You are doing such a great job of capturing all your seniors as well, I love checking your blog!

BruceandBarbara said...


Danya B. said...

ahh Bethany Selah is such a doll!
She has such gorgeous eyes and adorable features.
Wow 6 months old already. Time does fly

Chelsi Ritter said...

oh my, that hat! so cool! and it's not just you, bethany. i can't believe your little one is six months, either! i wish i could see her, big cheeks and all. i'm sure her little chatter is the cutest.

Janine the Bean said...

She is just precious. Maybe if you move down this way some day we can arrange a marriage for her and Simeon.


Crystal said...

she is growing up so fast!! she is so beautiful Bethany! she takes after her mommy. : )