Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jacob's Serious Senior Photos :)

Jacob was so easy to photograph. He's an athletic, very involved senior in Lake Oswego, who is also busy coaching a lacrosse team. Here are a bunch of serious shots, one smile, and I liked his shoes. :)

(I've been noticing lately on blogger that when I click on some of these images and you see the bigger version they're blurry...
I've been considering switching blogs sites recently to be able to show larger photos, so stay posted.)


Pete and Rosie said...

I haven't noticed the blur problem. But maybe I don't have the photographer's eye! :)

Janine the Bean said...

Yeah, I always think, "Wow, they're so clear."

That's compared to mine. LOL

Looks like a fun kid to photograph.

Isaac and Jenni Marshall said...

I was able to make my photos larger on blogger by messing around with the html code (I'm not tech-savvy in the least and I somehow figured it out!) and then I load my images through photobucket. Good luck!