Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sisters & A New Look

Hey, my blog changed a bit. Thanks to Isaac & Jenni Marshall who left me a helpful & inspirational comment that got me to actually go out there and figure things out for myself! :) Thanks you guys! You rock! I just made up a quick header, that I'll probably change soon, but for now you get to see my sweet Jude, from almost a year ago.

Now onto pictures. Here are Erika and Kristen, beautiful sisters. We shot these right at the end of Erika's senior session and I hadn't gotten to share them yet. :)

They were too cute!



annie said...

That looks great Bethany! I have to figure that out too - I've been trying to figure out if I need to switch blogs or if there is someway to do this through blogger. I'll have to experiement! THese sisters are beautiful!

Missy Cochran Artisan Photographics said...

Bethany, these are beautiful! I love the way you have processed these!

Janine the Bean said...

Beautiful photos. Beautiful girls.

I like the new look.

BruceandBarbara said...

Beautiful pictures! These girls have Selah's gorgeous blue eyes (it's a sin to be jealous right??).

Isaac and Jenni Marshall said...

Hooray! Bethany, your photos were gorgeous before, but they really pop now! WOW!!! Another blogger shared that tip with us and we are so happy to pass it on. I love the header- what a cutie! That is on our to do list next... =) Take care!