Friday, November 14, 2008

. Order Your Christmas Cards! .

Because of my crazy schedule this fall I didn't get to follow through on mini-Christmas card sessions like I'd wanted to, as some of you know. But I'd love to offer something so fun for all of my clients this year! If you'd like to use your photos (taken from a session this year) for your Christmas card:
. just choose a card from below
. email me and let me know what photo(s) you'd like placed on it
. and let me know what text you'd like on it (text location will remain the same, so keep in mind space)
I'll complete your order and email you the JPEG (that is then digitally yours to keep) so you can take it to any place you'd like to have printed! These are 5x7 & 5x5 single sided photo cards.
And the cost is only $35!! 12 different card designs to choose from.
Payment options are Paypal (use button on right side of blog), check or cash. Once payment is received I'll email your card to you. Merry Christmas!
(card #1, above)

Josh and I usually mail out about 75 cards each year and you know what's so fun about that? We get about 75 cards back from friends and family! Then we tape them to the inside of our front door so that every day, as we come and go, we get to see your smiling faces! It's something Josh's parents do too, and I love the tradition!

(card #2, above)

It's sort of therapeutic for me to sit at the kitchen table, with a cup of tea, stuff envelopes and work my little addressing system. It's fun to make a get-together out of it too and invite friends to bring their cards to stuff and address, while listening to your favorite Christmas CD. It gets me excited for the holidays! :)

(card #3, above)

(card #4, above)

(card #5, above)

(card #6, above)

(card #7, above)

(card #8, above)

And the square 5x5 ones:
(card #9, above)

(card #10, above)

(card #11, above)

(card #12, above)


jessicalanejordan said...

I share your love of holiday cards Bethany. I spend hours each year mulling over which photos will be just right to represent our little Jordan family for the year! One year, Matt framed every christmas photo his parents had sent out for 30 years in 3 big frames which they still have hanging in their hallway. It is so neat to see how all of the kids grew each year. We also display everyone's cards in our house, and I look forward to replacing them each year with updated photos that people send. It's not truly Christmas until I put on a holiday movie or CD ad sit down with hot chocolate to send out cards. Oooo, I am getting excited just thinking about it :) ~ Jessica

Kelly Klos said...

Ooh, I'll definitely be ordering one of these, such unique designs. This could be tough to decide though! I'll be in touch with my order soon!=) Kelly

Matt + Gina said...

Great job B, those look amazing! Can't wait to hang out with you guys tomorrow, gonna be such fun to catch up with everyone. Drive safely!

John said...

Hey Bethany, yes it was me! Thank you so much for the lens idea. I'll think I'll ask for one. You're awesome.

Erica said...

Oh my goshness!!! I love all your cards! So so love them. Love them. Why can't you live closer? Seriously. We'd have fun. I'd drink coffee and address cards with you. Maybe someday we'll be back in P-town and we can meet.