Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All kinds of ridiculous... photos. :)

There's nothing more fun than being your crazy self with family. I know I've posted about this before. I laugh so hard when we're together and love that I can be a total dork around them... I just love my family. In fact, Josh & I got to see all of our parents this past week and it was wonderful! We just soaked it up. My mom & Wayne helped us with the kids while we spent some time with friends, Josh's parents came and stayed with us so we could attend a function w/ Josh's work, and my dad and Janet came up yesterday and went to the zoo with me and the kids and bought us elephant ears!

I couldn't resist posting these photos I came across today while going through '08 files on my computer. Looking at them made me laugh about as hard as we were laughing when we were taking them. Matt & Gina kill me - they're so funny. And they may kill me for posting these. :) Matt took a couple shots of me too... Caleb and Josh, the camera is coming for you the next time we get together!!
In case you're having a tough time making out what this second shot is because my whites are all blown out :), Gina has her white scarf around his neck and he's trying to get away.
Matt took this next shot of me laughing really hard
There was a "magical" gust of wind that blew through at just the right time and caught my scarf. :) (I should clarify that this "magical gust of wind" was Gina's hand holding my scarf)

I'll give you a quick run down on these fabulous people.
. my older brother
. very musically talented... can play pretty much any instrument he picks up
. writes songs w/ lyrics that I think could be published
. has a gentle heart
. he's very creative and somehow his great sense of humor is always mixed into whatever he creates!! Seriously, he always has us laughing... with amazement. (Matt, I still want to laugh when I think about the kid restaurant website you built)
. builds his own computers

. my sister-in-law
. has mad drumming skills
. has the sweetest heart and loves on everyone
. likes to eat fat and somehow has no fat on her body!
. is super computer savvy and a great business manager
. knits the cutest things

I'll post info and photos of my younger brother Caleb and husband Josh the next time we all get together! :)


Kent said...

Taking grandkids to the zoo! That sounds like a really good day.

Chelsi Ritter said...

oh no! this post makes me want to move back to oregon even more. i miss matt and his humor that's always timed just right. and every time i've been with gina she's been so much fun. thanks for addressing the scarf issue, by the way. i was wondering how you got that shot, with it blowing so perfectly in the wind! new memory, by the way. the salamander.....

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Chelsi! The salamander... the sweet Christmas present that no one wanted to receive. Poor salamander. Toasted by the sun. So unloved. :)

That "magical gust of wind that caught my scarf" was Gina's hand holding it. :)

Matt + Gina said...

Thanks for this post B! It was so fun to see those pics.. (I was hoping they would be on here at some point!) And thanks for your sweet comments.. I heart you. :) BTW, I have been knitting more! I knitted these SUPER cute baby shoes.. you have to see them!

I love you! Can't wait to hang out with you guys!


BruceandBarbara said...

Your brother sounds like my son, Mark's, twin! (I don't think that sentence was constructed correctly) Oh well.