Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Sunny Afternoon

There was a brake in the rainy weather and we actually had some sun and blue skies this afternoon! It felt wonderful! A little vitamin D from the sun in the winter in Oregon goes a long way for me. :)

Jude, Selah and I played in the front yard for a little bit. Selah attempted to eat everything within reach... I could kiss these cheeks all day!
I love this face.
Selah loves to clap and wave these days.
This shot of Jude just makes me want to smile and scoop him up.
Jude pretended his stick was a horn and was blowing it here.


Kenny and Kimberly Stone said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! You are so amazing, Bethany!
Can't wait to see you again soon:)

Matt + Gina said...

I love these pics! And Selah's little bow in her hair is so cute! Much loves to all of you!
<3 G

Matt + Gina said...
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Isaac and Jenni Marshall said...

Oh my goodness! Those blue eyes and those squeezable cheeks- all topped off with that tiny bow- she is too darn cute!
What a good imagination Jude has! I would never think of a twig as an instrument!
You have two precious kiddos... but I'm sure you were already aware of that=)