Monday, January 5, 2009

My Beanie Boy

Jude loves to wear this hat. It is a daily accessory. Today he chose to mix it up a bit and wear it backwards. :)
Jude also loves to be surprised, so when we play hide and seek I hide in easy spots and he screams when he finds me. I hid with my camera today to capture his cute expressions!


Janine the Bean said...

He's such a doll.


Danya B. said...

what a cutie pie! love his excited expression and his adorable little hat. one stylish boy :)
hide and seek is a favorite around here as well.

Isaac and Jenni Marshall said...

Oh my goodness! So adorable!!! =)

the o's said...

i cannot wait to play hide and seek w/ wes! such a CUTE pic of a CUTE boy!

Matt + Gina said...

Aww! This makes me miss my Judester! Love you guys n hope all is well!
Give the kids hugs for us. :)
<3 G

Matt + Gina said...
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Josh Johnson said...

The cutest kid ever!