Thursday, April 16, 2009

You make me so, very happy, I'm so glad you, came into my life...

In honor of Jude & Selah's birthdays I thought I'd share some things about them that are true to this season of life... especially since I'm pretty bad about keeping baby books, so the internet can help me out here. :)
(I keep photo albums with little notes about life at the time, does that count?)

. Now a big 3 year old! ...with a little attitude. :)
. But with the sweetest heart. He loves to wrap his arms around me, get nose to nose and say with a smile, "I love you Mommy." {sigh.... melt my heart}
. He loves tents, tea, and his buddy bear.
. He loves to be outside
. He loves trains and stories about trains (notice the train on his shirt)
. He loves to grab a blanket, climb up on the couch and say, "Let's get cozy, TOGETHER" and then he'll request an episode of Thomas the Train with a sparkle in his eye.
. My sweet Jude bug I love you so much! I adore your passion for life, your joyful personality, your clever thinking, your amazing memory, and your sweet spirit.

(Josh was playing with Jude and was tickling him upside down here)
Our friends Kim & Ken gave Jude "sucker balls" for his birthday.

. Now a big ONE year old!
. She loves to laugh and giggles when I say, "I'm gonna get you!"
. She loves to walk as much as possible (with assistance)
. She's intrigued by everything, and loves to watch and figure things out immediately
. She loves to eat and talk
. She loves to tell me every time she sees Noah our cat by pointing and saying, "Ba-Ba!"
. My sweet Selah girl, I adore you. I love your spunky spirit, your adorably cheesy grin that radiates happiness, your unique squawk, & that you love to be close to your mommy and daddy.

I love this face


Jenni Carmon said...

Bethany, I love these images and I am so glad you shared them. I can probably only get away with saying this one last time...LOVE the chair...Just Kidding. SO sweet to hear how much you adore your kids and they are beautiful!!

annacalista said...

Your children are absolutely beautiul, adorable, precious....( :

Chelsi Ritter said...

okay, does jude look just like josh when he was 3? because that first shot looks so much like josh! what a cute kid. and selah! i love that look on her face that you comment about. aspen has those shoes, too, although they're too small for her now, and that makes me sad.

the o's said...

great pics and love the rundown of what they are loving in this stage of life! they are both so precious! selah looks a lot like jude in the last pic... sweet!!

Matt + Gina said...

I loved this post.. and love you guys so much!! Best nephew and niece evar!!!! Can't wait to hang out with you guys more.. miss you!

ptitteri said...

Cute Kids :)

So lucky to have you guys and so glad our kids can play together!

Missy said...

Look at you getting a arty with those crops! Too fun!

Kim said...

You have beautiful children, Bethany! These photos are wonderful. And, I have to agree with the chair!

Melanie Whitaker Photographer said...

These are SOOOO sweet, I love it. You have adorable kids girl! I love her outfit too ;)

Shonda said...

Your children are beautiful. You do such a good job of taking my favorite type of photos- portraits of kids that are full of life! Looks like you have quite a knack for it...actually, I'm loving everything you do.

Sarah said...

They are absolutely GORGEOUS!! Happy Birthday, precious little ones!!