Friday, May 8, 2009

Hope & Troy: Engagement Session, Part II

What a beautiful evening we had when we were shooting these photos. And Hope looked so beautiful in her red dress.
I've known Hope since grade school, we went to the same hs youth group, and we've even traveled parts of the world together... Hungary, Israel, Brazil ('97-'01). She's this sweet, soft spoken, adorable person. I just love her.
One of my all time favorite memories with Hope was when were were staying in these cute little cabin-type rooms, right on the Sea of Galilee in Israel with our church group. Hope was my roommate for the trip and was the best roommate. She brought foot soak for our feet after long days of exploring and she packed extra shorts and tank tops and let me borrow them when it was hotter outside than anticipated. ANYWAY, I digress. :) So this sweet memory was this evening that the moon was shining bright over the Sea of Galilee and it was this perfect temperature outside, and we could see boats out on the water and city lights on the hillside around the sea, all from the view of our room. It was gorgeous!
Hope also happened to be my assigned roommate (because our last names were alphabetically next to each other on all the rosters - it worked out perfectly) when we got stranded in Atlanta, GA on Sept 11th, on our way home from Brazil. Good times, Sister!
I haven't seen her in a long while, so this was my first time meeting Troy and I could tell right away that they just fit together. I'm so happy for them and looking forward to photographing their Big Day!


Jenni Carmon said...

If only I looked so great in a little red dress! I LOVE that first image, it has to be one of my favs.

BruceandBarbara said...

Great pictures as usual, Bethany! Such romantic shots. Love the red dress!

Janine the Bean said...

Just great.


Cartmill Clan said...

I LOVE the first pic as well! Amazing.

Pete and Rosie said...

Yep, that 1st one is one in a million. Love them all!

Matt + Gina said...

I just loved the ones that are further away with the whole bridge in the shot and them in the corner of it.... sooo good!