Thursday, December 31, 2009

Home for Christmas

Zoe emailed me to set up a family shoot for when her brothers and their families were visiting home for Christmas. I loved hanging out with Zoe and her mom when I shot her senior pictures last summer, so I knew I'd love their family. It was so great to meet them all, and Zoe's brothers have adorable children!

They recommended we meet at the Bush House in Salem because it has a couple covered areas in case of rain, which was perfect, because after several days of no rain here it decided to pour about 30 minutes before their session! I prayed, prayed, prayed the rain would go away. I could see blue skies under those rain clouds and the thought of being restricted to photographing 10 people in only those two covered spots sounded so... well, restricting. :) Thank you Lord for answering my prayers, because the sun came out and we saw those blue skies about 15 min. into shooting!

We started out with some large family group shots, and then I broke them off and photographed smaller family groups.

Here's Zoe with her older brothers Dustin & Lincoln.

Here's Dustin & Austyn's family...

I love this shot of Austyn playing with little Brody.

Oh man, Brody is too cute for words. He's such a smiler!

Here's Lincoln & Jenna's family...

Don't they have beautiful girls? They have the cutest little personalities too!

Where it all began...

Sybil and Corey, you have a beautiful family! Thank you for asking me to capture this time when you were all together.


Austyn said...

Bethany - the pictures are gorgeous! We can't wait to see the rest. Thanks for making the trip down to Salem and for doing such a phenomenal job!

Austyn & Dustin & Brody Smith

Bethany said...

Love the colors they are fun is that??? Great shots!

Erica said...

I love love love the colors! Bethany you have done it again! FAB! Nichol was looking at the pics with me and said "Mom how great would it be to have Bethany do our WHOLE Shubin family pictures". Pretty much a great idea I think. Someday when we're back in P-town!

Michael said...

gorgeous pictures once again!
love your photography work and how you capture people.


Janine the Bean said...

What fun!! I would love to somehow get you to come down and photograph our whole family when my brother comes this summer. Can you handle 10 adults and 18 kids?

That would be some sort of a challenge.

B, A, H & C said... this one!