Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shooting. Editing. Emailing. Shooting. Editing. Emailing... :)

I can't get enough of these newborns these days! It makes me all the more excited to meet our little guy around Christmas time! :) ...Oh, did I ever announce on my blog we're having a BOY?! We are! I announced it on Facebook and just now realized I never said anything here. We're already so in love with our little man! :) I'm 19.5 weeks right now.

Last night I got to photograph beautiful little Amberlina (3 weeks old) and she was just as sweet as could be. She seriously had the cutest little baby cry ever! Oh, it's so adorable!

I had to post this shot of her all scrunchy, stretching, and grinning. :) I love those newborn moments. You just want to scoop them up and snuggle and kiss them when they do that little scrunchy thing, don't you?

Isn't she darling?

Well, I have her session, a hs senior session, a family session and two weddings coming up on my blog. I'm also in the middle of mailing packages, uploading session slideshows, returning emails, etc. I pull a lot of late nights in the summertime, since the wee hours are the quiet hours in the house when I can be most productive! But I'm having a great time, even if I'm a little extra tired, and tell Josh all the time how blessed I am by the wonderful people I get to meet and photograph!


Leticia said...

Congratulations on your little BOY!!! How exciting! We have boy, girl, boy....and then girl and it's been such a great sequence! What a sweet little picture in this blog post and the one prior to this is so adorable too! Great work once again!

blog da vicky said...

Congratulations. Amazing

Janine the Bean said...

I have to say Bethany....these newborn shoots are killing me. It's making me realize how big Simeon is.

And I LOVE the baby scrunch. One of my favorite things that just never seems to last long enough. :)

Christy. said...

Beautiful!! I am excited to see ours... :) You MUST be tired with all those late nights! Hang in there, the pictures are beautiful!!

Amber said...

Hi Bethany ~ Congrats on your little boy! I'm very excited for you to have three :) Growing up in a big family, I'm always happy to hear about friends having more little ones. Can't wait to see the newborn pictures of him!!