Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby Bump in the Road...

We can do our best to plan ahead, but we never know what we may run into when we get there. :) I'll explain a little further below.

Our family took a much needed long weekend away to the beach. Ah, so refreshing to get some rest, read, play in the sand, soak up time together and just enjoy simple things. And what amazing weather we got to enjoy all weekend! My brother Matt joined us too, which was a lot of fun having his company! His wife Gina was out of town and my younger brother Caleb had other commitments, and my Dad & Janet were hosting a special birthday party for Janet's mom, so it was just us and Matt for the weekend. But we had a great time! Thank you Dad and Janet for letting us stay at Cornelius House!

I rested a lot this weekend, more than usual, because I've been taking it easy much more these days. I thought I'd give you a quick update on my pregnancy, since there's been a change in my shooting schedule for the rest of the year.

Basically, long story short, I've been receiving progesterone injections to help remind my body that I'm pregnant. I've had some pregnancy complications in the past (losing our first baby around 22 wks due to my water breaking prematurely and then also going into pre-term labor twice when pregnant with Jude & going on strict bed rest), and I received 20 progesterone injections weekly when I was pregnant with both Jude & Selah. Thankfully there were no complications when I was pregnant with Selah and it was really wonderful to experience a first "normal pregnancy!" with her!

We began the progesterone again with this pregnancy at 16 weeks, just like normal, but 4 of the first 5 injections I was having reactions/side effects to. The doctor said that I was most likely developing an allergy to progesterone, which is clearly not a good thing. So we stopped the injections and I'm being monitored weekly through ultrasound to just check and see that everything is ok. I'm at a high risk of pre-term labor now, but so far, the past two weeks of ultrasounds have shown that I'm doing fine. But, since stopping the progesterone, Josh and I talked and prayed and decided it was in the best interest of this baby and my clients to cancel all of my photo shoots from mid-September through the rest of the year (baby is due Jan 3rd) so that I can rest and take it easy. Everyone I had to contact has been so wonderful and understanding and supportive! Thank you!! :)

I'm wrapping up a bunch of editing (which has gone slower than planned due to extra dr. appts. and resting) and will finish up shooting these next two weeks. I'm sure you'll see a lot more of my kids on this blog the rest of this year. :)

I feel good, and am confident that God has this little baby in His hands and we are so excited to meet this little man come January! And he has a big brother and a big sister who are already enthralled with him. :) I'm really grateful for the care I've been receiving and the amazing husband I have, who I couldn't think higher of! {heart}

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!!

Thank you Matt for snapping this family photo for us, and a little belly shot of me too! You have so much natural talent.

Pretty funny... Jude just learned how to play a video game. Uh-oh. :)


Jen said...

You all look fantastic and I will be praying for your health and the baby's as well. My throat found a lump as I KNOW that beach... and how I miss it so!!! Thanks for taking me back through pictures...I can almost smell it! Looking forward to seeing more of you and your kids in the months ahead! Blessings,
Jen Duncan

Leticia said...

What gorgeous pictures. Your family is beautiful! I will be thinking about and praying for you. Take care.

Amber said...

The pictures of your family are always beautiful, so it'll be fun for all of us to see even more of them ;) I too will be praying for your healthy pregnancy and sending lots of positive wishes your way.

Chelsi Ritter said...

oh bethany congratulations on another boy! i'm glad you're going to take things easy; you deserve it. i'll keep you in my prayers that you have another great pregnancy. love you!

Danya said...

Praying for you Bethany and your precious baby boy! That's got to be a challenge for you to take it easy. :)
You look gorgeous pregnant with the perfect baby bump. Beautiful pictures! Jude and Selah are so cute and ya uh oh with the video games :) So glad you got some much needed relaxation and family time at the beach.

Matt + Gina said...

Loved seeing these pictures! So glad you guys got a much-needed rest from it all. Love you!

Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

Bethany, I am so sorry to hear about your complications. I am so glad that you will be able to take it easy, though, until the baby comes. I loved all the pictures; I miss newport like crazy! Good luck with everything and know that you are in our prayers. Love you!

Jessica Jordan said...

I love this post! I am so sad we did not get to the coast this summer. Maybe it's not too late for a day trip ... I need to keep an eye out for a relatively nice day. Love the photos ... and B I love seeing YOU in pics (since you are always behind the camera). I love the shot of Selah & the feather. Classic beach fun. Rest up, and enjoy all that peach/pear butter!

Christy. said...

Beautiful pictures of you and your family. I am so happy to hear that you are taking things easy and that you made the hard but best decision to cancel your shoots. Though I am "down" for a different reason, take it from me and listen to your body!! :)

I can't wait to see your precious babe when he makes his arrival!!