Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Benjamin Gabriel, 9 month old

Our little man is 9 months old today!! How fast it has gone! I feel like my tiny baby has turned into a chunky monkey and will be a toddler in no time. I'm clinging to these baby days! :)

Benjamin is such a happy boy. He has added another layer of joyfulness to our world! I love being greeted by his smiles in the morning, and throughout the day. :)

Here are a few 9 month things he loves to do:
  • clap and wave,
  • say "da-da", "ba-ba",
  • grab his feet while in his highchair
  • climb the bottom stairs
  • cruise furniture
  • eat soft table food (avocado, banana, cooked broccoli, quinoa, etc.)
  • stand instead of sit
  • watch Jude and Selah play & will clap and laugh when they do crazy things :)
  • play with Jude and Selah and climb on top of them
  • destroy paper
  • loves to put everything tiny thing he finds in his mouth much to his mother's dismay
  • dislikes being dressed or having diaper changed

Benjamin, I love you more than you could ever know! Thanks for being my Benji-boo. :) xoxo


Allie Rae said...

Ahh I cannot get enough of this precious boy! I have never seen so much joy in a baby! These are all adorable Bethany!

~Tara~ said...

OH my look at all those teeth!! Landen only has the bottom two right now. He turned 9 months old on the 17th.

He is so precious. His smile is just amazing!!

Amber said...

So, so adorable! His smile is so contageous!! :)

Christy. said...

So, so cute!!!

the o's said...

he is adorable and your pics of him are so great! i still cannot capture eyes the way you do.. ack! so difficult! happy 9 months benji-boo!

Marisa Coleman said...

I tried to pick a favorite and absolutely couldn't. What a happy little booger he is! love it love ie love it

Leticia said...

Bethany, he is so so precious! I especially love the pictures in the high chair.