Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 8: Photo 52 weeks

Ok, I've adjusted my photo project to be more realistic to my life. :)

Today I wanted to post in honor of Valentine's Day, which is tomorrow! Usually Josh and I are the worst people when it comes to celebrating things like Valentine's Day, or birthdays! We exchange cards with meaningful words (my favorite thing!), but that's usually it, and then we laugh about how pathetic we are at celebrating things (even though we're both pretty content with just sharing love notes/cards). But then sometimes we make up for the "lazy years" and we do something big. This year I thought it would be fun to mix it up and surprise Josh with a date night! I'm going to pick him up from work and take him out to dinner. (Don't worry, he doesn't read my blog unless I show him I posted something, haha, so he won't see this!) I apologize in advance if this post is sappy!

One thing I like to do each year for Valentine's Day is make Josh's card. I got a simple idea from Pinterest for this year's card and this is what I made...

Things I love about Josh and I'm thankful for:
1. He cares!
2. He's gracious. I'm so free to just be ME. He's never tried to change me. He loves me as I am.
3. He makes me laugh. Especially his witty comments when I least expect them!
4. He loves, selflessly.
5. He is consistent. Steady.
6. He's the best company! I don't think I could ever get tired of being with him!
7. He's an incredible dad!
8. He's thoughtful!
9. He's a hard worker.
10. He likes to challenge himself and is usually trying "something new", which right now is green smoothies for breakfast and working out each day. I'm really proud of him for sticking with this trend! (The only "something new" I really wasn't a fan of was when he tried a nightly "8 hour sleep experiment" when Benjamin was a newborn. We both still look back at that and laugh! I was supportive of it until I was too sleep deprived to be supportive anymore, haha!) :)

I always remember my Grandma Gayle saying, "Marry your best friend." She was right.
I love you, Josh! Thanks for being so handsome inside and out and for being my best friend! xo

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