Thursday, April 5, 2007

Birthday Boy Jude

Happy 1st Birthday Jude! You are a light in your parents' life!

We see these amazing qualities in you already:
. patience .
. flexibility .
. joyfulness .
. a deep thinker .
. extremely lovable .

After breakfast this morning, Josh and I videotaped Jude in his "Birthday Boy" onesie (that I got to make for him yesterday) and we sang Happy Birthday to him. It was cute when he clapped at the end of the song. :) Then we went outside on our front walkway to snap a few photos marking his Big Day!

After Jude's early morning nap, we went to our weekly Mom's Group and Annie and Katie, Cade and Johanna greeted Jude with a birthday song and had a balloon for him! Jude loves balloons! What a sweet and thoughtful gift from Annie.

We had a wonderful morning with friends, and Katie, Annie & I reminisced over the past year and how far we'd come as moms. :) And we talked about the future and our aspirations. I drove home thinking about how blessed I am by their friendship (& the other moms who weren't there today, of course). Annie & Katie are really fun sisters who easily have me laughing and enjoying whatever we're doing, and they both have amazing hearts. It's a treat to have other moms you can share this time in life with. Their little ones will be celebrating their 1st birthdays within a month too! Yay for Callum & Johanna!

Happy Birthday Baby Jude! Mommy and Daddy love you more than you could know!! You truly are a miracle and gift from God!


RLT said...

Yey Jude! Happy Birthday! Looking forward to the party!

smartypantsless said...

Happy Happy BIrthday! Nice blanket in the balloon pic. ;)