Thursday, April 12, 2007

Quite a week...

Tonight I went to the Portland Photographer's Group Meeting that I've just recently got involved with, thanks to my friend Missy (a photographer who will be moving to the Portland area this summer). It was held at a photo album manufacturer and I got to see a lot of great albums for weddings, h.s. seniors, babies, etc. I don't offer albums in my business because I like to keep things simple, and I love giving clients a CD of all their proofs, so they don't have to "buy prints". That way they can enjoy all of their photos for the years to come. The one problem, though, is that most clients never get around to printing their photos... hmmm... so I'm open to ideas and will possibly look into a happy-medium solution this coming summer/fall...

I'm gearing up to photograph a h.s. senior photo rep or two in the coming weeks to help promote h.s. senior photo sessions for this fall. If you know a good student at a Portland, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Tualatin school that would be interested in getting a complimentary photo session this month, then hand out their favorite photo and my info to 50 classmates and then receive kickbacks in the form of ca$h for referrals I receive from them, send them my way! My contact info is on my website:

Jude has been fighting a terrible flu virus all week long and will have to go to the doctor again tomorrow. He's hardly eaten any food since Saturday night, so I'm concerned, naturally. Say a little prayer for him. Due to the extra cuddling and lovies my little one has needed this week, I haven't had an opportunity to get out there and snap any photos! Maybe all of this extra stored up creativity will explode out of me into the form of some new pictures this weekend!

Here are two tulip photos from last week. Our backyard tulips aged beautifully.

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Kent said...


Have you or your customers used something like Snapfish, HP's online photo service. I have done albums that way with Julia's wedding pictures and with pictures from Daniel's birth and all too brief stay here.

I have even thought that a new business will spring up where a person who likes to fool with computers and who has a decent aesthetic sensibility could put together albums and posters for things like weddings, babies, vacations, etc. The stumbling block for most folks is taking the time to sort through the photos and to plug them into some pretty simple software for creating prints, albums, calendars, posters, mugs, t-shirts or whatever. I think it it the wave of the not so distant future. The other option that HP is offering is a retail photo mini studio where you stand at a kiosk, input your photos, do a bit of organizing and then hit go. The pages print out and an attendant binds the pages into a nice
album and then hands it to you in less than a half hour or so.

And actually, softback albums can be cheaper than just printing a bunch of prints!

It isn't because I work at HP. Kodak has a similar offering. It is because I have done this stuff and it makes a cool memory item!